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GMOs, Glyphosate and the Impact on American Children for Zurich Switzerland Aug 22, 2015 by Zen Honeycutt- Moms Across America

Zen Honeycutt

Thank you Urs and organizers for this fantastic event. I am very honored to be here with such esteemed speakers and all of you dedicated and generous people. I am here to share with you about the Impact of GMOs and chemical farming on the American people. But first I have to say thank you Thank you to every farmer and citizen who is saying no to GMOs. The Europeans who protect their country and do not allow GMOs and chemical in their country and on their table are a beacon of hope to we Americans struggling with health issues. You are the leaders of the free world and don’t let any corporation sales person tell you otherwise!
Why would a Mom from California come to Switzerland to protest GMOs? Well, besides the chocolate,and the fact that I can eat your bread and cheese and not feel sick, I love my children. I want them to be able to have a future filled with health and freedom as you do. However, the way things are going right now, their future may be compromised.
It is not enough for me to talk of just my family. Is it not enough for my children to eat organic and avoid GMOs and pesticides. My son’s future spouses are out there somewhere,and they are likely eating GMOs. Most of us know know that the third generation of rats that ate GMOs got tumors, had stunted growth and were sterile. I want my children to be able to experience the profound love of having their own child someday. So this issue is not just important for my family, it is important for every family.
Today we gather from all over the world to demonstrate against corporate control over our food system, our health and our freedom to choose to not eat food or grow food or live in a country contaminated by GMOs and related pesticides. Big Ag Chemical Companies are pushing GMO potatoes, corn and wheat in Switzerland, pressuring the school system to accept GMOs and continue their onslaught of lies and corruption around the world. The Monsanto owned company Unilever- Dove, Lipton, and Knorr- is supporting the climate change fight here but in the same breath their lobbyist group
FoodDrinkEurope is pushing the TTIP! Corporations need to stop dictating our freedom of choice and health! We are here to say enough!
I said “Enough” at one point a few years back. My story of my sons is one that is affecting millions of Moms in the US and one I believe the world needs to hear. My sons have food allergies to wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts and carrageenan, a seaweed food thickener additive. My husband and I never had food allergies as children. One morning, I looked at my son who had a red rash around his mouth. He looked back at me and said “ Moms I wish all my allergies could go away.” In my head I said “ That will never happen.”
Then I realized I was being resigned and doubtful. What if there was something I could do? In that moment, I said “Enough” to my resignation and doubt. I said “ Enough” to helplessness and fear and I said “I promise Ben, we will find a way to get you better.” And that was scary because I did not know how.
It was not long after that that I found out about GMOs, how they are foreign proteins in 70% of our processed food, that could be irritating my sons stomach lining, possibly causing leaky gut and food allergies. We eliminated GMOs as much as possible and in 4 months my son’s allergic reactions were dramatically reduced.
During this time I started Moms Across America and we marched in 172 4th of July parades in 46 states to raise awareness about GMOs reaching millions. Our Moms saw health changes in their children too. But then my other son had a sudden onset of autism symptoms at 8 years old. Just before this, I found out about glyphosate the main ingredient in Roundup.I learned that not only are they spraying Roundup Weedkiller on GMOs, but they are spraying it on NON gmo food and non organic crops like wheat, sugar and beans as a drying agent, and as a burn down before planting as well. The EPA allows residue levels of glyphosate on 160 of our food and feed crops at levels of .2 -400 ppm. These levels are tens or thousands of times higher than has been shown to be harmful! Learning this felt like a punch in the chest. This meant that ALL our food had to be organic to avoid these toxic sprays. This meant that not only was our
government not protecting us from GMOs, but they were allowing a poison to be sprayed on our foods. Glyphosate is sprayed on our streets, sidewalks, back yards, school yards, forests and parks. Our government is putting the profits of the chemicals before the health of the people. 75,000 pounds are used in my county alone just in public spaces, over 137 million pounds are used on our food crops in the USA. There was a 73% increase of the use of glyphosate in 2013 alone! I knew I had to get my son with the autism symptoms who got diagnosed with leaky gut, gut dysbiosis, c.diff and high fungus levels, tested for glyphosate. Moms Across America was able to work with a lab for the first time in 2014 and make glyphosate testing available. He came back with levels 8 X higher than was found in anyone here in Europe. IN MY SON. I did not say that a weed killer could be in my son! That is chemical trespass. I realized he was still eating wheat sometimes, because he did not have a gluten allergy, and wheat is sprayed with glyphosate as a drying agent.
I said “ENOUGH”. We eliminated wheat, switched to 100% organic meats and all foods and put a reverse osmosis water filter on our water. Within 6 weeks his glyphosate levels were undetectable and his autism symptoms were gone, and have never come back, for 2 years now. My other son’s allergy tests just came back and nut allergy is no longer life threatening. I am not the only one. Moms see their kids get better when they get off GMOs and related pesticides!
Karen from CA told us that her son had daily asthma attacks,needed glasses, and was recommended to be held back a year at school. When she found out about GMOs and switched to organic, his asthma disappeared, he no longer needed glasses and he is now at the top of his class.
Cindy from RI has a severely autistic teenage son. She found out about GMOs 2 years ago and went all organic. Her son entered high school this past fall and not one of his teachers could tell that he ever had autism.
These two boys have a new future because their Moms found out about GMOs/Glyphosate. We say our country maybe even our world has a new future
because their moms found out about GMOs/Glyphosate. Who know what these two boys will invent or contribute to our society?
Moms, Dads, EVERYONE needs to know about this! The problem is people don’t want to know. It’s too inconvenient. It’s too problematic to change how you eat. We say “Enough” to being ruled by convenience! Many cannot afford organic or it is not available. This is a social injustice issue.
We say enough to social injustice!
Corporations learn about these health risks and ignore them. Why? Because they have a legal responsibility to provide a profit for their shareholders. We say Enough to corporate control! What makes most people take action? When a loved one gets sick.
Here’s where moms come in, see historically, men have been the ones to protect and provide, however, mothers have been the ones to to decide what their tribe ate and prolong the longevity of their culture. If mothers did not trust their instinct and fed their tribe poison berries or rotten food, their tribe might perish. For the past twenty years however in the USA, GMO food has not been labeled in the US, we have had no way of knowing what is in our food and the health of our nation has therefore declined.

  • Of the top 17 most developed countries, the USA is last in health.
  • 1 out of 2 of our children have a chronic illness including autism, allergies,
    auto immune disorders, asthma, diabetes and obesity.
  • 25.8 million American have Diabetes. The increase of diabetes will bankrupt the US health care system in 13 years if it continues at this rate.
  • 1 out of 2 of American males and 1 out of 3 females are expected to get cancer. 200 million Americans. Almost every day I hear from friends that a loved one has died or just contracted cancer. Too many are parents of young children or are children. Glyphosate has been designated a Class 2 Probable Carcinogen by the WHO.
  • We have the highest infertility rate in recorded history, 30%. Exactly correlate with the pig study where miscarriage went from 3-33% when they ate glyphosate sprayed grain. Everywhere from Hawaii to Washington

State to the Arkansas, our moms tell us tragic stories of birth defects and miscarriages.

  • The USA is #1 for infant deaths on Day One. We have 50% more infants that die on day one than all of the industrialized world combined. This is a silent crisis. This is too devastating to be in the news or on Facebook, but it is impacting families all across America.
  • Crohns’ up 79% in 10 years. Colitis 3x in children from hospital outpatient diagnosis. On Facebook, the majority of the Crohn’s or Colitis page post are from 20 year olds. They post that they are getting their intestines sewed up and colostomy bags and they are in so much pain they go on disability. At 20, possible for the rest of their lives. How is this sustainable for our economy? It’s not.
  • Pesticides are linked to loss of IQ. American IQ has dropped 7 points since GMOs.
  • 57.7 million Americans today have mental illness. That’s 1 out of 7. These are our pilots on airplanes, teachers, policemen, neighbors and loved ones. Mental illness impacts a person’s potential and the potential of our country.
    Why is this happening?
    NEW Science ( all on our website under data) shows that not only are GMOs foreign proteins with DNA mutagen capabilities, but 80% of GMos are engineered to withstand glyphosate. Glyphosate is sprayed not just on GMOs but on non organic foods as well so it is on the majority of American food.
    Glyphosate is:

1. A PATENTED ANTIBIOTIC: It destroys beneficial gut bacteria AND
promotes pathogenic bacteria. This means it disrupts the body’s ability to make Tryptophan/Seratonin which in turns inhibits the body’s ability to regulate insulin= Diabetes. The increased pathogenic gut bacteria then send a signal through the Vegas nerve to the brain to create glutamate an excitotoxin, which results in neurotoxicity= American Mind melt! Without Seratonin, some people lose their ability to feel satiated from food, therefore binging and contributing to obesity. Without Tryptophan the body
also cannot make Melatonin and Guerin which results in insomnia,
depression, mental illness and bipolar disorder.

  • CHELATOR: Glyphosate “holds” or makes unavailable, the vital nutrients
    of any living thing it touches. Causing DNA MUTATIONS and inability to fight cancer.Dr. Don Huber says glyphosate essentially gives the plant AIDS. It strips the plant of its immune system. What is it doing to our children?
  • TUMORIGENIC: Causing tumors.
  • TERATOGEN/HEPATORENOL: EPA Fact sheet = “reproductive effector”
    ie: endocrine disruptor and can cause “liver and kidney damage.”
  • SEX HORMONE CHANGES: unforeseeable, uncontrollable and
    unpredictable results. 50% of transgender and sexually confused children are depressed have attempted suicide. In 2010 it was reported that 6% of our teens are medicated.
  • LINKED TO AUTISM: 1 out of 54 boys and 1 out of 88 children in America have autism. Glyphosate breaks down the blood brain barrier and allows environmental chemicals into the brain, increasing the toxic effects of chemicals in our air, water, vaccines, food, furniture and fire proof pajamas. By 2032, if the current rate of diagnosis continues as is in the USA, 1 out of 2 of our children born will be diagnosed with autism. 50% of our population. How will that affect our families, education system, health care system, military, technology and economy? Who will be the world power and what will that mean for the rest of the world?
  • Glyphosate has been found harmful in many of these ways at levels within the allowable daily intake levels set by the EPA.

To summarize, GMOs and glyphosate are destroying our gut bacteria, therefore our immune system, our blood brain barriers and cell formation; leading the systematic destruction of the potential of our children and the future of America.
Switzerland is home to Syngenta, the largest pesticide manufacturer in the world. Switzerland’s economy is thriving from the sale of poisons. What many do not know is that not only does Syngenta profit from making people sick, but they profit from making them “better”. Yes, it’s sister company Astra Seneca, sells hundreds of pharmaceuticals that treat symptoms of illness of which the majority have been linked to pesticides. Syngenta sells pesticides to be sprayed a few hundred feet from thousands of Hawaiian and American schools and churches that are banned here. We request those of you who can get to leadership at Syngenta, let them know we say ENOUGH. It is immoral for them to profit from the harm they are causing! It’s time for every country to say ENOUGH we will not allow GMOs in our country. We will not irreversibly changing the genetic makeup of life in our country. GMO plants contaminate other crops for miles. The pesticides destroy the beneficial microbes in the soil, kill earthworms, butterflies and bees. GMOs are not beneficial to the environment or consumers. They don’t have better taste, they are not more nutritious and the way they are made, with bacteria and viruses is just plain scary. NO ONE wakes up and wants to eat genetically modified foods. It is a poor investment and even worse, I would hope you summarized from what I have said just now about the impact of GMOs and glyphosate, is that your country cannot afford them. No matter how wealthy your country is, the impact on your children’s future is too great.Our children have been the guinea pigs for nearly 20 years.
Do you want this for Switzerland? For Europe? Or will you say “Enough”?
I say we say ENOUGH of corporate control, to corruption and pollution. ENOUGH to our own fears and doubts. We chose empowerment and love. We expose the truth until healthy food and environments become available around the world. We will not stop. We will not give up. Because the love for our children will never end. How many of you will partner with us to create health and freedom in the world? picture
Thank you
Speech 2
How We Will Win by Zen Honeycutt -Moms Across America Zurich Switzerland Aug 22,2015
Earlier this morning I spoke to you about the impact of GMOs and Glyphosate on the American people. It may have seen unbelievable to you that such damage could be happening to our country and our citizens.
The crisis IS real, and I am here today so this does not happen to your country. I am not here to tell you what to do within your unique system, but I do have some actions that we implemented to share and I love to share stories of things that are working. Maybe you will do something different. What ever you do, I urge you to pick something today and go home with a plan of action that you will own.
Now, I am going to address how I see that we will win.
When I learned about GMOs and how they are in 85-90% of our crops in the USA, how they are in over 70% of our processed foods and that our children are being fed 31 million GMO meals a day, even though I felt betrayed, angry and depressed… I got involved in our labeling initiative in CA. It was election night, and I was sitting in the back of the room, watching organizer for my county acknowledge everyone for what they had done. I started to think about what I had done and I said to myself, “hmm, why am I back here and she’s up there?” Nothing wrong, I just realized I made a choice not to be a leader. I also then realized that my actions would have been different if I had been a leader. I remembered a coach saying to me, “Zen I request you take the lid off your leadership.” So in that moment I wondered, what if I took the lid off my leadership? What if I took on that I am the one to transform the food industry, not me by myself, but my actions would contribute to that, it was up to me, not someone else. ME..
After we lost I was crying in the car and my 9 yr old son said to me “ Mom, even Star Wars took six episodes.” I realized it was it was time for a new episode, one of leadership. This is how we will win, when every single one of us takes on leadership, when we say I am the one to transform the food industry, to transform the cafeteria of my child’s school, to ban toxic chemicals from my neighborhood, to have my county leader block the imports of GMOs. What can you be a leader for?
So the next day I asked myself, how could I let as many people know about GMOs as possible? I thought of joining into our Independence day parades that happen in small towns all across America. 1 parade 3 people deep, for 3 miles = 49,000 people. The port o potties, permits and police were already arranged for by the local organizer. We just needed to join in! We could reach thousands locally and millions nationally in a single day. Our Facebook page grew from 0 to a reach of over 300,000 a week in just 4 months. Over 400 leaders caused over 600 events, parades, movie night, speakers series etc, the past three years and our movement has grown. We put out press releases which have been picked up by over 250 media outlets with a potential reach of 125 million each. We are creating international coalitions now with Mothers Across the World, with New Zealand, Australia, China, Taiwan, the UK and we hope more of Europe. Social media is useful but the opposition is imposing restrictions, they are marking our posts as harassment, harassing us to the point of distraction and turning our leaders against each-other. They have impacted the algorithms, so to continue to expand on social media, we must be ever changing tactics. In person however, they can never stop us from reaching our friends, family and neighbors face to face. Is there a nation wide event, a school, church or sports event, or celebration that you can join into? How can you be somewhere where media cannot ignore you? This is how we will win, by reaching million of people using existing platforms.
As we reached millions of people we began to get testimonials. We could have thousands but we haven’t collected them all. We have hundreds of testimonials
explaining how their loved ones got sick, they suspect from GMOs and pesticides and then got better when they went organic. “I had a team of doctors at the children’s hospital that could not figure out what was wrong with my daughter who was getting sick after every meal. The Moms posting on Facebook that their children got better when they got off GMOs saved my daughter’s life. That day, I went out and bought organic food and she stopped throwing up.” – paraphrased summary from Jennifer Lawrenson We have brought these testimonials to the people who make decisions about the future of our food. One testimonial is an antidotal coincidence. Hundreds or thousands, however becomes fact. We are expert witnesses of our families health. We have strength in numbers. Do you have a testimonial? Gather them amongst your groups and support lawsuits. This is how we will win, when we have strength in numbers and come together to hold the chemical companies accountable.
Then the opposition said mom bloggers are using their children to fear monger and deceive the American public. They have testimonials but not evidence. So we got evidence by starting with glyphosate testing. For the first time in America 2014 a we initiated citizen funded glyphosate testing on water and urine, then for the first time in the world tested breast milk for glyphosate. Our results were shocking. We found glyphosate in levels 3 x higher than what has been shown to destroy gut bacteria 33 ppb in our water and 10X higher in our children’s urine than what was found in anyone in Europe. We also found glyphosate in breast milk at levels 1600x higher than allowed in drinking water in the EU. 3000X higher than what has been shown to cause harm in Seralini’s study, causing liver and kidney damage and sex hormone changes.
Monsanto has refuted this, but the recent German testing and another batch of testing in PA found glyphosate in breast milk. One in a mother who sprayed Roundup while pregnant, she eats conventional food and her 4 month old infant has neuroblastoma cancer. As tragic as this is, the fact is we need MORE testing. Internationally you can get testing done. Go to our website at
This is how we will win. Get your water or urine tested for glyphosate.

When we have thousands of tests, showing proof of glyphosate in our water and bodies, we gather evidence.
We are very fortunate to have some amazing scientist on our side that are accumulating evidence. Mesange, Seralini, DeFarge, Spiroux de Vendomois, Carrusco, Pusztai, Mason, Antoniou, Samsel, Seneff, Huber, Swanson, Cohen, Hanemman, Kruger, Carman, and more have all written studies and papers that have given the public and we mothers, the evidence which supports our findings in our children. Their courage to ask questions and go public about their findings, risking theirs careers. We mother pay homage to the dedicated scientists that are doing real unfettered inquiries.
This is how we will win, with courage and gratitude. Please support the scientists.
The opposition said we have hundreds of studies showing the safety of GMos and glyphosate, and I said oh really? So I did a Freedom of Information Act request and 6 months later got a handful of actual studies and reports of maybe 30 studies. When I went before the Monsanto shareholder meeting this year I told them about their safety studies. I said the first study I read was a 96 hour toxicology study of oysters and glyphosate,and by the end of the four days of being exposed to 3.9 ppm of glyphosate in the water “most of the oysters were closed and not feeding.” Closed and not feeding, that’s akin to a coma! and what happened on the 5th or 6th day?
Another study White shrimp dies in 4 days if exposed to more than 5.2 ppm. 25 ppm is allowed on our sugar! An independent study showed glyphosate remained viable in dark salty water for 315 days. I wondered..what’s in our womb? Dark salty water. What is the size of six week old fetus? It’s the size of a shrimp.
Is there an obvious correlation between the independent pig study that showed that miscarriages of sows increased 30% when fed glyphosate sprayed grain of only 2 ppm? By the end of the shareholder meeting a farmer got up and asked “ If not Roundup what then?” I got them to be in the inquiry and thinking about being responsible. How can you hold your leaders accountable?
This is how we will win, by asking the tough questions and demanding accountability.
Some decision makers hear us but ignore our requests. The Native American Museum of the United States in DC has a display of a big beautiful headdress. Underneath it is a tiny plaque that I just so happened to read. It states “ To this day, the Native American Tribal Leaders are elected by the mothers of the tribe. They continue to hold the power to remove a leader based on lack of performance.” Why is this…this is because the community trusts that a mother’s commitment is in alignment with the communities best interest.
This is how we will win, by empowering the mothers to reclaim their power.
The mothers which buy 85% of the food, who are the backbones of our families, school, churches and communities. What mothers do you know that you can share with about GMOs?
Some decision makers are not yet willing to question the safety of GMOs and related pesticides. They risk political suicide. To make it even harder, in America Monsanto has successfully backed bills to pre empt us from banning chemical use locally. In many states now in the US, counties no longer have the ability to ban chemicals. The state or federal government can authorize pesticide spraying wherever and whenever they want. Don’t be stopped. We simply ask for the city councils, Home Owner’s association or schools to “discontinue the use of glyphosate and use organic alternatives or community volunteers instead.” It’s working. We are 9-1 on GMO free zones and many many schools and community areas have stopped using glyphosate. How can you stop GMOs from getting into Switzerland.
This is how we will win, by being unstoppable.
Another important aspect about going into shareholder meetings. Meet them where they are. Go to your leaders fundraisers, meet with the decision makers at social gathering. Plant seeds of doubt and nourish faith. As I spoke about the harms of glyphosate I made sure to say that “No one is saying there are not good people in this room. I get you want to provide for your families and feed the
world. What I am saying is that we simply have faith in our farmers. Farmers have farmed for thousands of years without toxic chemicals and GMOs and they can do it again, even better! Farmers are ingenious, we have faith in our farmers!” John Kempf, an Amish Farmer, teaches farmers how to grow crops which completely resist pests and weeds, through nutrients in the soil. Stopping GMos and related pesticides must be just as much about promoting the alternatives. This is how we will win, by exposing the truth and fostering faith.
It is challenging for us to see GMO farmers, manufacturers and government agencies as people that deserve our faith. This is where we must transcend the anger and frustration, and challenge them to live up to our expectations. Ghandi stood before the British Parliament and they said to him” Little man, do you really expect us just to turn India over to you?” He said “Yes.” He saw his government as an entity that would eventually do the right thing. He saw his government as great and that made him a great leader.
I stood before the CEO of Monsanto when I met him at the shareholder meeting and I said “You know Mr. Grant, it takes a big man to make a big and powerful company, but it takes an even bigger man to acknowledge when something is not working and change direction. We mothers look forward to the day when Monsanto makes products which do not harm our children or our planet,”
This is how we will win, by seeing people as able to do great things.
I started out telling you this morning that I am here because of love. I want to tell you another story of love. It was my first son’s first day of life on our home.I held him wrapped in a blanket. He was tiny, pink and fragile, weighing almost nothing. But suddenly he was everything to me. I looked at him in awe and said to my mother, “Mom, isn’t he amazing? Aren’t all babies amazing?”
She looked me in the eyes, touched my shoulder gently and said, “We all still are.” She saw me as still amazing. I realized that I thought only babies and children were that amazing, that some how that amazingness sloughed off. She didn’t
think so. A mother’s love can be transformative. I got in that moment that it was a choice to think of myself as amazing. A choice. And if we chose to see ourselves as amazing we can accomplish much more than not. This is how we will win, when you see yourself as amazing, you can do anything and together we will win.
How many of you got an idea while I was speaking about an area that you can take ownership of? Thank you. If not I challenge you to find one by the end of today. That area is yours.
These are our children, these are our countries, and our futures. The future belongs to us. Thank you for your partnership in making it a healthy future filled with freedom and love.