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Aloha from Maui.
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Beth Savitt from Maui County, Hawai’i. Right now I am President of the SHAKA Movement here on Maui (Also known as the Maui GMO Moratorium Initiative). Our tiny island voted for a moratorium on all GMO crop cultivation until it can be proven safe. You can find myself and SHAKA Movement on Facebook. I am basically writing you to reach out a hand in support.

The small islands like ours which is so easily impacted by the legacy of giant agribusiness need to stand together with other like minded groups. I was hoping that we could make contact. Our island is currently home to Monsanto science experiments. We also produce 80% of the GMO corn seed for feed for the United States.. This makes our moratorium on these practices so very important.

We are starting a radio show and it would be fun to interview someone from your organization and maybe you folks would like to interview us. We have a lot in common! Let us know what we can do.

Here is to your amazing and continued success!
-Beth Savitt
President of SHAKA Movement