Danke für euern Einsatz!
Wie könnten wir die Medizinische Wissenschaft wieder wissenschaftlich machen? Heute sind sie nur noch Marketing und internationale organisierte Finanzgeschäfte!
Gruss. Marco Rudin, Cagiallo


Aloha from Maui.
Please allow me to introduce myself. I am Dr. Beth Savitt from Maui County, Hawai'i. Right now I am President of the SHAKA Movement here on Maui (Also known as the Maui GMO Moratorium Initiative). Our tiny island voted for a moratorium on all GMO crop cultivation until it can be proven safe. You can find myself and SHAKA Movement on Facebook. I am basically writing you to reach out a hand in support.

The small islands like ours which is so easily impacted by the legacy of giant agribusiness need to stand together with other like minded groups. I was hoping that we could make contact. Our island is currently home to Monsanto science experiments. We also produce 80% of the GMO corn seed for feed for the United States.. This makes our moratorium on these practices so very important.

We are starting a radio show and it would be fun to interview someone from your organization and maybe you folks would like to interview us. We have a lot in common! Let us know what we can do.

Here is to your amazing and continued success!
-Beth Savitt
President of SHAKA Movement

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Die neue Webseite gefällt mir sehr gut! Gratuliere.
M. Müller Zürich

Es ist gut, dass es Public Eye on Science gibt!

Grüsse in die Schweiz!
Klaus Rebermann aus Köln